marți, 6 septembrie 2011

Friends come along say your love is wicked

A person said 1 time that love hurts wheather it's right or wrong... If you really love someone that doesn't hurt? The pleasure kissing someone isn't followed by the thought : "Am I doing the right thing?". If you have a relationship you don't hesitate sharing your feelings too much just because you are scared that that the pain of a eventually brake up will devastate you? I don't know... And you don't have to answer me. Answer to yourself, and make the right decision !

Tears on my pillow 'cause your love is wicked
Cry me a river 'cause your love is wicked
Friends come around say your love is wicked
But the kisses way you give don't you know it's wicked?

Wait for your call 'cause your love is wicked
Can't sleep at all 'cause your love is wicked
Playing in my heart 'cause your love is wicked
By the loving way you give don't you know it's wicked

marți, 26 iulie 2011

miercuri, 13 iulie 2011

3xSMR - Juli

Just found a german singer. I can assume that the lyrics are nice

1. Geile Zeit


3.Dieses Leben

P.S: wow !

SMR- Jay Chou - Fragrance Of Rice (Dao Xiang) Sub'd

Couldn't believe that a song in the chinese could sound so musically. Pay attention to the lyrics. OMG this s the first song in my life that I listen for 2 hours and still haven't got bored. I can say that every time I listen it again I like it more =o. Maybe we should be more respectful to the ppl in need...

P.S: Love it :X